“Digital Environment Creations Inc. CEO Yasuhiko Samekawa

I established DEC after producing 3D background art for video games for over 10 years. DEC's goal is to provide a better production environment for creative products.

DEC has two core strengths

The first strength is a strong work environment. DEC fosters collaboration among freelance workers. Some of our team members joined DEC after the March 2011 Earthquake, which made regular attendance difficult. Some of our team members are parents who value working while raising their children. Other team members live outside of the Tokyo area. I have seen many young colleagues grow up to become parents of young children. Our goal is to bring out the strengths of our creative team. We aim to build a competent, highly aware team. We believe that the telecommuting environment allows our creative team to realize their full potential.

Our other core strength is my ongoing work producing background art in the industry. I work with the DEC team members to create high quality projects and results. Along with background production, we also create characters.

Rather than spend our time commuting, we cherish the time spent with our families. Each of our staff members makes self-management and a sense of responsibility a priority. As someone who came from a professional production environment, I place myself in the position of a creative artist. I report, share, and consult, while managing quality, scheduling and support for my clients to deliver satisfactory products.

Our goal is to provide transparency, rationality, and fair compensation. We are focused on supporting our creative staff.


Yasuhiku Samekawa was born in 1969 in Yokohama, and grew up in Hakodate. At the age of 28, he began to study 3DCG at Digital Hollywood.
From 1999, he began to work in various game background departments.
In December 2008, his 10th year as a 3DCG designer, he established his own 3DCG production company, “DEC."

The company provides 3DCG background art, designed by an excellent creative team.

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